When I think of deck restoration, I forget that front doors can be restored as well. This is something that is commonly overlooked & forgotten about. We are here to remind you that we will perfect the refreshed look you've always wanted on that front door! 

    We know how it is...you pull into the driveway when you get home from an exhausting day at work. You look at the front door and think "I need to get around to that...but I just don't feel like it." Who wants to work when they get home from work?? The best part about these projects are it's quick & you get INSTANT GRATIFICATION! After it's completed, you will be SO satisifed you made the decision to give your house a new, fresh look! Not to mention it will be extra protected from the harsh summer sun, which can be detrimental & cost you so much more in the long run.

    Interested but we didn't answer all of your questions? 

    Scroll down to fill out our **FREE** estimate form & we'll answer everything for you! 

    We hope everybody had a great start to 2023 - Cheers to many more!! 

    All the best,

    David & Marjorie Peraza 

  • MAY!!

    WHAT in the world...it's May?!?! I don't know about you but I often find myself looking at my watch MULTIPLE times a day reminding myself of the month/date! Time gets away from me!! One thing that remains the same is that we take our time and inspect each job process thoroughly. That's the beauty about doing something you love. 

    On another note, I've noticed the most popular question this season is regarding the colors. David sends every potential client a color swatch. This contains the colors/shades we offer. If you are on social media, we have multiple tools for you to see the colors. Keep in mind that wood may accept the stain different than what you see on our past projects. Our instagram profile (@davidsdeckrestoration) has highlights that you can check out ;-) 

    We also have a submission form at the bottom of our website so please fill this out and we'll reach out to you THE SAME DAY!!! David's Decks provides FREE estimates for you- no matter where you are. Interested in getting a free estimate? Reach out to David at 919-586-4989 or myself, Marjorie, at 984-220-0797! We look forward to hearing from you and hope everybody has a safe and wonderful summer!!! :-) 

  • WELCOME to March!!!

    Here it goes!! The final countdown is on. The cold, winter months are over (hopefully). Although we know there will probably be another freeze since NC weather is slightly unpredictable ;-) 

    Starting next week, March 6th, David and I are kicking off the season with a big project! Stay tuned for before and after pictures, live videos on our facebook page (David's Deck Restoration, LLC) & more! 

    Have a question about getting your deck/fence/structure protected? It never hurts to ask! Call us with your questions & let us know what you want-- we can come to an affordable agreement to protect your investment! Busy with your day to day job and don't even have time to talk on the phone? No problem! Fill out our form on our website, located under "Free Estimates." 

    We are continuing to improve our website so that it makes the process as simple as possible. Take a peek at our past projects in detail on facebook and instagram! I also finally gave in and downloaded TikTok - haha! Never thought I'd say that ;-) 

    Facebook: David's Deck Restoration, LLC // Instagram: davidsdeckrestoration //TikTok: ddrllc2021

  • January 2023

    Happy New Year everybody!!! 

    Our 2023 has already started off GREAT! We have been blessed and grateful for repeat clients keeping us busy throughout the winter season. THANK YOU to everybody who has supported us, trusted us, and helped us get to where we are now. David and I are counting down the days until the spring season starts! If you are interested in getting an estimate for the spring/summer time, please use our form provided on our website to reach out to us! Our calendar fills up fast so the earlier the better.

    Our primary goal is to ensure you, the client, is correctly informed & educated about protecting your investment. We will never make anybody feel pressured, even if your decision is NOT hiring us. In addition, we have discounts available AND a maintenance plan offered at a discounted rate! You don't even have to worry about remembering to reach out to us- we do the work for you. 

    We are here for you! Don't forget to connect with us on facebook, follow us on Instagram (davidsdeckrestoration) & check out what clients are saying about us on Google! 

    All the best,

    David & Marjorie 

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