WHAT in the world...it's May?!?! I don't know about you but I often find myself looking at my watch MULTIPLE times a day reminding myself of the month/date! Time gets away from me!! One thing that remains the same is that we take our time and inspect each job process thoroughly. That's the beauty about doing something you love. 

    On another note, I've noticed the most popular question this season is regarding the colors. David sends every potential client a color swatch. This contains the colors/shades we offer. If you are on social media, we have multiple tools for you to see the colors. Keep in mind that wood may accept the stain different than what you see on our past projects. Our instagram profile (@davidsdeckrestoration) has highlights that you can check out ;-) 

    We also have a submission form at the bottom of our website so please fill this out and we'll reach out to you THE SAME DAY!!! David's Decks provides FREE estimates for you- no matter where you are. Interested in getting a free estimate? Reach out to David at 919-586-4989 or myself, Marjorie, at 984-220-0797! We look forward to hearing from you and hope everybody has a safe and wonderful summer!!! :-) 


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