• WELCOME to March!!!

    Here it goes!! The final countdown is on. The cold, winter months are over (hopefully). Although we know there will probably be another freeze since NC weather is slightly unpredictable ;-) 

    Starting next week, March 6th, David and I are kicking off the season with a big project! Stay tuned for before and after pictures, live videos on our facebook page (David's Deck Restoration, LLC) & more! 

    Have a question about getting your deck/fence/structure protected? It never hurts to ask! Call us with your questions & let us know what you want-- we can come to an affordable agreement to protect your investment! Busy with your day to day job and don't even have time to talk on the phone? No problem! Fill out our form on our website, located under "Free Estimates." 

    We are continuing to improve our website so that it makes the process as simple as possible. Take a peek at our past projects in detail on facebook and instagram! I also finally gave in and downloaded TikTok - haha! Never thought I'd say that ;-) 

    Facebook: David's Deck Restoration, LLC // Instagram: davidsdeckrestoration //TikTok: ddrllc2021

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